PARAMPARA is the Student’s Annual Exhibition of Government College of Art and Craft Calcutta, one of the most oldest and prestigious Visual Arts institutions in the subcontinent. The Exhibition is almost as old as the college itself, which has been rechristened many times since the time of its inception in 1854 at Garanhata, Chitpore. The student’s exhibition was first held in 1855, from 22 nd January to 3rd February under the banner of erstwhile Calcutta School of Art, however the present exhibition could be traced back to 1864, when the institution came to be known as Government School of Art, under the helmsmanship of Henry Hover Locke. Over the years the exhibition dates shifted around the time between Christmas and New Year, and became a successful cultural event at the heart of the City of Joy, under the guidance of stalwarts like E.B. Havell, Percy Brown, Abanindranath Tagore, Mukul Dey, Atul Bose, Ramendranath Chakraborty, Chintamoni Kar, Satyendranath Ghosal and others . Under the tutelage of great teachers the college exhibition has thrived and set standards for the rest. The institution boasts of being the alma mater of illustrious alumna and alumnae, who have been part of previous Parampara exhibitions. They have left their indelible mark on the global art scenario. In the present times, the apolitical Student’s Union of the college has been trying to collectively carry on the legacy by organizing the exhibition with the help of the faculty and staff members.

Old Exhibition Poster


Poster Design for the Government-School of Art Exhibition.

By-Satish Chandra Sinha and his students

Poster design for the Exhibition of Rabindranath Tagore. By-Satish Chandra Sinha and his pupils

Poster Design for the Exhibition of Rabindranath Tagore.

By-Satish Chandra Sinha and his pupils

Parampara Continuing The Legacy Since 1864