History of Art for all disciplines at GCAC
History of art is an area common to all streams

The History of Art discipline was introduced in Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta, in 1981, with the introduction of Degree course that got affiliated to University of Calcutta. The introduction of this unique discipline helps to understand the visual art study within the cultural context of Indian subcontinent and rest of the world. The study of various cultures, Indian and European art, were included within its purview. The initiation of History of art, as a discipline, was made much earlier in Kalabhavan in the early decades of the 20th century. The Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, invited Stella Kramrisch, to teach Art History to the pupils of the Ashram, who were studying visual art.
With the progression of the modern world and opening of new vistas in cultural domain, cumulative knowledge of Art History is becoming indispensable in understanding the role of visual art within cultural context, which makes this discipline more intriguing within the curriculum of visual art studies.


4 years common to all streams Main studies at

1st – 2nd Semesters (Foundation)

Art Appreciation
This specific area gives the pupils a substantial knowledge on ancient Indian culture and the ancient world cultures.

Art Terminology
This specific area acquaintances the visual arts students with the basic terminologies related to the concepts and methods within visual arts curriculum.

3rd – 8th Semesters

The discipline includes progression of history of art within both Indian, Western and Pan-Asian context. The study of Indian art and architecture starts from Indus Valley civilisation and in the succeeding phase, Mauryan period that considers the tangible artefacts and monuments and continues till the contemporary period as the progression of semesters takes place. The Western art history initiates from Greek culture and continues till the present time. The monuments, artefacts, objects being very important insignia of each period, are discussed and analysed, as an indispensable part of cultural exchanges and interactions. The artistic sojourn of individual artists in the pre-modern, modern and post-modern world are taken within the purview of the discipline. The chronological art movements are analysed and discussed to understand the itinerary of visual culture.


2 years common to all streams Main studies at

1st – 4nd Semesters

The post-graduate course caters an insight in understanding the interrelationship between the wide range of visual arts practices and design-oriented concepts within the purview of visual culture.

Faculty Members

Mina Ghosh

Smt. Mina Ghosh

Assistant Professor (In-Charge)

Sougata Das

Shri. Sougata Das

Assistant Professor (SACT)

Mrinmoyee Deb

Smt. Mrinmoyee Deb

Assistant Professor

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