The following are Fellowships/Scholarships offered by this institution to all deserving candidates under the following heads:

Apart from the listed categories, several ‘private scholarships’ in the form of monetary awards are also offered by the Alumnus of the institution reserved for students who meet specific criteria of merit & excellence which are selected on the basis of works displayed during the Annual Exhibition each year. The same are declared and awarded during the closing ceremony of the Annual Exhibition. The following are names of such awards/scholarships:

  1. Rashbihari Dutta Memorial Scholarship
  2. Shilpacharya Jainul Abedin Scholarship
  3. Rathin Mitra Award
  4. Basanta Ganguli Award
  5. Ajoy Bankim Memorial Scholarship
  6. Rabindranath Tagore Award
  7. Pulin Krishna Kundu and Pranab Kumar Basu Trust Board
  8. Nandalal Bose Award
  9. Shree Ram Lubhaya Pareswar Memorial Scholarship
  10. Romen Roy Scholarship
  11. Geeta Das Award
  12. Mrinal Kanti Das Award
  13. Gaganendranath Tagore Award
  14. Abanindranath Tagore Award
  15. Dhirendranath Brahma Award
  16. Jamini Roy Award
  17. Bhunath Mukherjee Memorial Scholarship
  18. Soumika Roy Memorial Scholarship
  19. Bimal Das Gupta Memorial Scholarship
  20. Goutam Pal Scholarship
  21. Rekha Paul Scholarship
  22. Ajoy Bankim Memorial Scholarship
  23. Jiban Debnath Memorial Award
  24. Reba Debnath Cash Award
  25. Biswamit Cash Award
  26. Manjushree Munshi Memorial Scholarship
  27. Shyama Das Sengupta Merit Welfare Award
  28. Jalandhar Memorial Cash Award
  29. Prof. Supriyo Das Award
  30. Kamala Rani Paul Memorial Award
  31. Soumika Roy Memorial Scholarship
  32. Halodhar Pal Award
  33. Sudhangshu Bikash Award
  34. Percy Brown Award
  35. Badhan Das Award
  36. Haren Das Memorial Cash Award
  37. Mukul Dey Award
  38. Niramoy Roy Award
  39. Chandan Das Cash Award
  40. Governor’s Award for Best Exhibit in Annual Exhibition  
  41. Sakti Burman Award for 2nd Best Exhibit in Annual Exhibition
  42. Ramlal Dhar Award
  43. Saibal Ghosh Memorial Scholarship for Best Water Colour
  44. Gopal Ghosh Memorial Scholarship for 2nd Best water colour
  45. Rabi Jain Memorial Scholarship for 3rd  Best Water Colour
  46. Sumanta Dey Smriti Puraskar