An exposition of well-perceived visionary concept conceived and devised unerringly and finally executed by our esteemed authorities of GCAC, Cal, since the very inception of the idea of taking resolution for the purpose of introducing the UG and PG course of studies in Visual Art successively, with an objective of promotion of genuine and true art in the contemporary exposure; further linked with the international wave of modernism (inclined to foster the posterity ideally for shaping the cultural trened of this country) culminated in a notion of constituent principles, signified in a comprehensive, studio based-and integral curriculum (adorned with an inter-disciplinary approach and method of Psycho-analysis); which has been recognized universally as an exemplary.

Thus, the envisioning idea of this discernible, self-contained academic order is pursuing an adherence and constant patronage towards the potent and sensitive artists which reflects the following unique characteristic of envisagement:

  • Perfect exploitation of individual artistic genius and opulence of original expression.
  • Emphasis on the harmonious developments (as students will be adept commendably in experiment with scientific techniques and will acquire proficiency in spontaneous and superfluous self-expression in specialised medium; exuberance of imaginative and creative fervour).
  • Approbation of giving maximum freedom in consistent experimentation and ceaseless exercising with the form and content and taking an endeavour to realise the self-assertion.

Our illustrious authority consider that attainment of all these qualification and understanding with these components will be enable an artist to be acquainted properly with the repertoire of indigenous art and cultural heritage and consequently he/she cognize effectively the quintessence of Tagore’s ideals of art evaluation, that corresponds, “…art represents the inexhaustible magnificence of creative spirit, it is generous in its acceptance and generous its bestowal…”