Our institution boasts of an exceptionally rich library that is unparalleled in its collection. Apart from office space, our library includes a spacious reading area of approximately 1000sq/ft that caters to the needs of our users. Unlike other college libraries, our collection is unique, comprising essential items like paintings, sculptures, ceramics, models of applied arts, and models of textile design that are vital for the Visual Arts course at both the PG & UG levels. In 2016, we installed LMS (library management software-KOHA) and began automation. Although the Covid pandemic caused a temporary interruption in the automation work, we are now back on track and have made considerable progress. We take pride in possessing many rare documents that require digitization for proper maintenance, and we have already taken steps to digitize them with the help of CDAC. Our Central library offers a spacious and well-equipped reading space for both teachers and students, providing photocopying facilities, reference services, and selective discrimination of information services when required.

Gcac Library
GCAC Library

We are thrilled to announce that this year (2024), in honour of Republic Day, we have launched a program to provide all students with unrestricted access to our expansive ‘Online Digital Library’ which consists of nearly 320 books, . Our main library boasts an impressive collection of nearly 12000 books from different genres and we are confident that it will prove to be an invaluable resource for all students, researchers in this field.

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