Govt. of West Bengal

Office of the Principal, Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta.
28, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata- 700016.
Phone no: 2252-2186, 2252-0329 and 2252-2479(Fax)
Email ID: [email protected]



(Please read the Admission Procedure Information given at the end of the list)


Roster Serial. Roster Category Application SL No NameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 85UR10000149ABHRANIL CHOWDHURYPaintingMaleUR
Seat 88UR10000292SANJANA GUPTAPaintingFemaleUR
Seat 98UR10000399SIDDHANT PATWAPaintingMaleUR
Seat 94UR10001821PARIJAT DINDAPaintingFemaleUR
Seat 92UR10001874CAMELIA MUKHERJEEPaintingFemaleUR
Seat 02UR10001915SAYAN BASAKPaintingMaleUR
Seat 83UR10002090ANASUA CHAKRABORTYPaintingFemaleUR
Seat 100UR10002133SOUBHAGYA BISWASPaintingMaleURPWD
Seat 87UR10002476EESHITA KABASIPaintingFemaleUR
Seat 84OBC-A10001016ARIBA KHATOONPaintingFemaleOBC-A
Seat 99OBC-A10002737SOHANA PERVINPaintingFemaleOBC-A
Seat 95OBC-B10001675SANDIP SENPaintingMaleOBC-B
Seat 89OBC-B10001824ISHIKA ROYPaintingFemaleOBC-B
Seat 86SC10000013SATYAJIT ROYPaintingMaleSC
Seat 90SC10000125PRITI MONDALPaintingFemaleSC
Seat 96SC10000474RABI MONDALPaintingMaleSC
Seat 01SC10001926RAJIV DASPaintingMaleSC
Seat 97SC10001979NEHA SADHUKHANPaintingFemaleSC
Seat 93ST10002474PARITOSH MURMUPaintingMaleST

Painting(Indian Style)

Roster Serial. Roster Category Application SL NoNameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 03UR10000089ANGSHUJYOTI DASPainting(Indian Style)MaleUR
Seat 12UR10000753SAYANTIKA SAHAPainting(Indian Style)FemaleUR
Seat 10UR10001248TANMAN BERAPainting(Indian Style)MaleUR
Seat 08UR10001919TUHIN MALIKPainting(Indian Style)MaleUR
Seat 05UR10002245RIDDHI ROYPainting(Indian Style)FemaleUR
Seat 06OBC-A10001097MD RAKIB MALLICKPainting(Indian Style)MaleOBC-A
Seat 09OBC-B10000021SUJOY BERAPainting(Indian Style)MaleOBC-B
Seat 11SC10000184NILENDRAJYOTI HALDERPainting(Indian Style)MaleSC
Seat 07SC10002082INDRAJIT DASPainting(Indian Style)MaleSC
    Seat 04ST10002498TARASH TUDUPainting(Indian Style)MaleST

Modelling & Sculpture

Roster Serial.Roster CategoryApplication SL NoNameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 42UR10000469PARICHAY DASModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 41UR10000848SUMAN MAJIModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 33UR10001419SUTANU BHATTACHARJEEModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 34UR10001563SUDIPTA GIRIModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 35UR10001892SHINJAN MITRAModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 37UR10001999SAYANTAN BANKModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 39UR10002119MUKUL KUMARModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 38OBC-A10002575ROHIT PRADHANModelling & SculptureMaleUR
Seat 36SC10000937SUVHAM ADHIKARYModelling & SculptureMaleSC
Seat 40SC10001450LALTU RUIDASModelling & SculptureMaleSC
Seat 38 – OBC-A – Candidate not available. De-reserved by UR

Graphic Design/Applied Art

Roster Serial.Roster CategoryApplication SL NoNameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 25UR10000077SOHINI SENAPATIGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleUR
Seat 31UR10000391ALAPAN SAHAGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleUR
Seat 30UR10000482ALIVIYA SARKARGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleUR
Seat 22UR10000701ARNAB BAIRAGIGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleUR
Seat 23UR10000950IISHITA GHOSHGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleUR
Seat 20UR10001024SUMIT PAULGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleUR
Seat 17UR10001201RITO DUTTAGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleUR
Seat 14UR10001682ANUSKA DEBNATHGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleUR
Seat 16UR10002359DIPRO AICHGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleUR
Seat 27UR10002609PRIYANKA SARKARGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleUR
Seat 26OBC-A10000902SK ALAMGIRGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleOBC-A
Seat 13OBC-A10001434ESHNA RAHAMANGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleOBC-A
Seat 19OBC-B10000409SAHELI PAULGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleOBC-B
Seat 29OBC-B10001229JAYANTA GORAIGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleOBC-B
Seat 21SC10000366SAIKAT HALDERGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleSC
Seat 32SC10000387RUPANKAR HALDARGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleSC
Seat 28SC10000952AMIT GAINGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleSC
Seat 18SC10000961PRIYANKA BISWASGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleSC
Seat 15SC10002581SUKRITI BHOWMICKGraphic Design/Applied ArtFemaleSC
Seat 24ST10001281HEMANT PANNAGraphic Design/Applied ArtMaleST

Textile Design

Roster Serial.Roster CategoryApplication SL NoNameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 60UR10000231TIASHA SAHATextile DesignFemaleUR
Seat 62UR10000232INDIRA DASTextile DesignFemaleUR
Seat 72UR10000242BARNALI SAHATextile DesignFemaleUR
Seat 64UR10000525RESHAM DASTextile DesignMaleUR
Seat 66UR10000767TRIPARNI JANATextile DesignFemaleUR
Seat 58UR10001335SRESTHA GHOSHTextile DesignFemaleUR
Seat 67UR10002170SEMIKA ROYTextile DesignFemaleUR
Seat 70UR10002197SUBHRODWIP DUTTATextile DesignMaleUR
Seat 63OBC-A10000302TANUSREE SADHUKHANTextile DesignFemaleOBC-A
Seat 59OBC-B10000071ANUVAB KARMAKARTextile DesignMaleOBC-B
Seat 69OBC-B10001775AKASH GHOSHTextile DesignMaleOBC-B
Seat 57SC10000329HRIJU MAJUMDARTextile DesignMaleSC
Seat 61SC10000622DEBARGHYA DASTextile DesignMaleSC
Seat 71SC10001711GOPAL MALOTextile DesignMaleSC
Seat 65SC10002035CHIRAJIT DASTextile DesignMaleSC
Seat 68SC10002662SUDIP SAHATextile DesignMaleSC

Ceramic Art & Pottery

Roster Serial.Roster CategoryApplication SL NoNameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 79UR10000580TAPUR BANIKCeramic Art & PotteryFemaleUR
Seat 77UR10000737DEVSAGAR KARAKCeramic Art & PotteryMaleUR
Seat 81UR10001444ARPITA GHOSHCeramic Art & PotteryFemaleUR
Seat 80UR10001478RAI MONDALCeramic Art & PotteryFemaleUR
Seat 76OBC-A10002315ARIJIT JANACeramic Art & PotteryMaleUR
Seat 74ST10002411SUBHRA DASCeramic Art & PotteryMaleUR
Seat 73UR10000843POUSHALI PALCeramic Art & PotteryFemaleOBC-B
Seat 75UR10002544SOUVIK PAULCeramic Art & PotteryMaleOBC-B
Seat 82SC10000132ANISH BISWASCeramic Art & PotteryMaleSC
Seat 78SC10000257SRIJAN DASCeramic Art & PotteryMaleSC
Seat 74 – ST Candidate not available. De-reserved by UR 
Seat 76 – OBC-A Candidate not available. De-reserved by UR 
Seat 73 – UR Seat taken by OBC- B Candidate by Merit 
Seat 75 – UR Seat taken by OBC- B Candidate by Merit

Design Wood And Leather

Roster Serial.Roster CategoryApplication SL NoNameDepartment NameGenderCategory/Caste
Seat 54UR10000208ANANDI BHATTACHARJEEDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleGeneral
Seat 52OBC-A10000788AKASH PALDesign Wood And LeatherMaleGeneral
Seat 48UR10001831ANINDITA BANIKDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleGeneral
Seat 50UR10002219SUMANA HALDERDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleGeneral
Seat 44UR10002291SHIVAM GANGULYDesign Wood And LeatherMaleGeneral
Seat 53UR10002332CHHANDA MONDALDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleGeneral
Seat 56UR10002406KEYA RANI PAIKDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleGeneral
Seat 43ST10002729TIYASHA DASDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleGeneral
Seat 45OBC-A10002415ALAMGIR MONDALDesign Wood And LeatherMaleOBC-A
Seat 46UR10001191SOUMYA GHOSHDesign Wood And LeatherMaleOBC-B
Seat 55UR10002387RAHUL KARMAKARDesign Wood And LeatherMaleOBC-B
Seat 49OBC-B10002515PRANAB KHANDesign Wood And LeatherMaleOBC-B
Seat 51SC10000411NISHA PAKHIRADesign Wood And LeatherFemaleSC
Seat 47SC10000623BANASREE BARALDesign Wood And LeatherFemaleSC
Seat 43 – ST Candidate not available. De-reserved by UR 
Seat 52 – OBC-A Candidate not available. De-reserved by UR 
Seat 46 – UR Seat taken by OBC- B Candidate by Merit 
Seat 55 – UR Seat taken by OBC- B Candidate by Merit


Below is given the Online Admission Procedure for all SELECTED Candidates through SBI Collect:

  • Search Google by typing “State Bank Collect
  • Accept the terms and condition and proceed
  • Select “West Bengal” for State of Institution & select “Education Institution” for Type of Institution.
  • Select “Government College of Art and Craft”.
  • From category select “Admission fees for BFA
  • Fill the form.
    • Period of collection – July to December 2021
    • Admission fee – Rs. 75/-
    • Tuition Fee – Rs. 450/-
    • Pankha fee- Rs. 2/-
    • Caution Money- Rs. 20/-
  • Submit the form and make payment.

Payment should be completed by 30.09.2021 positively.

Online Classes for admitted candidates will commence on 01.10.2021