BFA PART IV 📋 Paper II (Ceramic Art and Pottery): Ceramic Mural

Following are Important Instructions for the Candidates appearing for BFA Online Examination 2020-2021:

  • All students should use blank A4 sized white sheets for all theory examinations.
  • Details of University Registration no, University Roll no, Course/Paper code, Course/Paper name and date should be mentioned on the first page.
  • Every candidate must mention page numbers and University Roll No on the top of each page.
  • In case of department specific exams they should write their name of the department.
  • Their Names should not be written on any page otherwise their paper will be cancelled.
  • No separate emails will be sent during the entire course of the exam.
  • Answer scripts should only be submitted through exam specific Google links mentioned in the notice/embedded through website. Students should check and read the correct form and then proceed with their submission. Wrong submission will not be entertained.
  • Answer scripts should be submitted as one single PDF. They can use any scanner/software/method for converting the answer scripts into a single PDF. All candidates should try to keep the file size low, preferably within 10MB. In certain cases it should not be more than 20 MB.
  • Students should ensure that they have proper data connection while downloading the question paper and while uploading their answer scripts via given Google form submission link. Upon successful submission an email receipt will reach them and a prompt will show up on their screen, intimating them about their successful submission.
  • While uploading of answer scripts they must wait for sometime before hitting the ‘SUBMIT‘ button, to ensure proper uploading of the PDF. They must preferably use Google chrome browser for avoiding technical glitches.
  • They must ensure that they use a proper email for accessing and submitting the form. In case they are unable to submit after multiple retry from primary device/email, they must use a separate device/email to submit the answer scripts. They must check their connection, clear phone cache/space to experience hassle free submission. They must also ensure that there is enough space in their respective email.